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+49 (0)40/87977755

You can book your space

directly here

For as little as € 44 a week

Inexpensive parking

Only 800 metres

from the airport

To the terminal

in just three minutes

Unbeatable advantages:

HOTLINE: + 49 (0)04/87977755


How can I find out how to get to Holiday ParkPlus?
Simply click here, and you will be shown our location on Google Maps – you should print this for your journey.
What do I need to enter in my navigation system in order to get to Holiday ParkPlus?
“22335 Hamburg” and “Obenhauptstraße 15” plus the point of interest “ParkPlus”. If you do this, you're sure to find us.
Are there any advantages to reserving in advance?
Yes, there are many advantages:
· A parking space will be reserved for you in the category of your choice.
· There is no need to look for a good parking space when you arrive.
· You won't have to go to the automatic pay station, nor will you have to worry about making sure you have enough cash to pay your fee.
· Parking is easier when you've made a reservation – it saves time and eliminates stress.
· You will only have to go to the automatic pay station if you overstay your reservation.
Is the reservation for a particular parking space?
No, your reservation simply ensures that a space will be available for you in the category of your choice. We guarantee that you will have a parking space in our multi-storey car park.
What do I have to do if I wish to reserve multiple parking spaces for the same period of time?
You can use your credit card or EC card and your email address to reserve as many parking spaces as you require.
How can I pay?
You can pay your parking fee at our automatic pay stations in the entrance area in cash, with an EC/Maestro card or by credit card (VISA, MasterCard).
Do I have to go to the automatic pay stations before leaving?
No, you can drive right out of the car park. You only need to go to the automatic pay stations if you have overstayed your reservation.
What is the fee for losing the parking ticket?
If you lose your ticket, we will charge you a flat fee of €21.00 in addition to the parking fees owed for your stay.
Are there any staff on location?
Our staff are available 21 hours a day, from 3:30 a.m. until 12:30 a.m., in the car park service office located by the central entrance. If you have any problems or questions, we will be happy to assist you.
Can I drive a van or minibus into the multi-storey car park?
The height limit for our multi-storey car park is 2.00 metres. Unfortunately, taller vehicles cannot park here. The max. length is 6.00 m for vehicles up to 1.90 m height and 5.00 m for vehicles from 1.90–2.00 m height.
Is there mobile phone reception in Holiday ParkPlus?
Unfortunately, there is only mobile phone reception on the upper levels.
Is there a charging point for electric cars?
We do not currently have a charging point for electric cars, but one is planned.